BMW BMW 1 SERIES (F20) - Boost Pipe for BMW 135 F20 FMBP135F20-ΕΛΛΑΔΑ/GREECE
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BMW BMW 1 SERIES (F20) - Boost Pipe for BMW 135 F20
BMW BMW 1 SERIES (F20) - Boost Pipe for BMW 135 F20
Κωδικός: FMBP135F20

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Boost Pipe for BMW 135 F20 Many of you will already be aware that the original plastic charge pipe is a real weak link on the N55, and over the last 6 months we have received many requests after the charge pipes fail. If you take a look at the images above you can see how the coupler becomes brittle leading to cracking, fracture and ultimate failure. Our alloy replacement uses a CNC coupler to ensure this is a permanent solution. We would recommend that whilst replacing this you also consider our FMKT135F20 The Forge boost pipe for BMW 135 F20 will Increase throttle response and decrease turbo lag. The Forge boost pipe allows you to retains the factory style O-ring throttle lock flange. Precision CNC couplers allows for a quick and easy connection and disconnection . Precision CNC machined flanges. The alloy hard pipes are powder coated to allow for a more durable hard wearing product. You can retain the factory electronic diverter valve. Please Note: In line with our policy to constantly review ,revise and improve our product range, the product you receive may differ from the one advertised. Product Reviews In Stock Boost Pipe for BMW 135 F20 MPN FMBP135F20 179.55 Boost Pipe for BMW 135 F20 0 0 Forge Motorsport BMW BMW 1 series (F20)

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Boost Pipe for BMW 135 F2 241.6667

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