NGK Iridium/Ιριδίου - BMW  Z4 (E85) , ΜΠΟΥΖΙ - 2.5 i , 192 BHP, Year: 2-2003 - - BKR6EIX-11-ΕΛΛΑΔΑ/GREECE
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NGK Iridium/Ιριδίου - BMW  Z4 (E85) , ΜΠΟΥΖΙ - 2.5 i , 192 BHP, Year: 2-2003 - -
NGK Iridium/Ιριδίου - BMW  Z4 (E85) , ΜΠΟΥΖΙ - 2.5 i , 192 BHP, Year: 2-2003 - -
Κωδικός: BKR6EIX-11

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Product Type: Ignition

Προδιαγραφές / Specs

Η τιμή που αναγράφεται είναι για ένα μπουζί

Γιατί Ιριδίου?
Περισσότερες από 4 φορές μεγαλύτερη διάρκεια ζωής απ'ότι τα μπουζί πλατίνας*
Ευκολότερη εκκίνηση του κινητήρα
Καλύτερη ανάφλεξη με καύσιμα χαμηλής ποιότητας
Απαιτούν λιγότερη ενέργεια για τη δημιουργία σπίθας
Ιδανικά για τροποποιημένους κινητήρες που λειτουργούν με υψηλότερη πίεση ώθησης ή / και υψηλότερη συμπίεση
Ιδανικά για αυτοκίνητα που χρησιμοποιούν υγραέριο

Price is for one spark plug

Why Iridium?
More than 4 times longer life than platinum spark plugs*
Easier engine starting
Better ignition with low quality fuel
Requires less power to fire spark
Perfect for modified engines running higher boost pressures and/or higher compression
Ideal for cars using LPG
*Tested by Street & Circuit on Nissan SR20VE & Ford Zetec engines


Q. How do I know I will get the correct spark plugs?
A. When you order online we ask for the year of your car, the capacity of your engine, and also the horsepower. With this information we know the engine code. You can check the product code for your car here, at

Q. What if the spark plugs you send are not correct?
A. This never happens, but if it does, we will collect the spark plugs and send you the correct spark plugs, free of charge

Q. My car is modified, do I need different spark plugs?
A. If your car has 50-75bhp more, a grade colder is recommended. For example. Your normal sparks plugs have the product code, BKR7EIX. Your engine has 75bhp extra, you need BKR8EIX spark plugs

Q. How long can I use Iridium spark plugs?
A. Impossible to say. Assuming you do not make changes to your engine, and your car has platinum spark plugs, you can expect to use your NGK iridium spark plugs for around 4x the KMs of platinum spark plugs. The longer life is one of the main reasons to use iridium spark plugs. Another big reason, is that the "gap" of the spark plugs does not increase at the same speed as platinum spark plugs. Your ignition system will work better for longer, with iridium spark plugs

Q. Do I need to change anything on the car to use iridium spark plugs?
A. No. NGK iridium spark plugs are a direct replacement for original spark plugs. Nothing needs to be changed.

Q. My car uses natural gas, are iridium spark plugs okay?
A. In a perfect world, we recommend using NGK LPG spark plugs. If NGK LPG spark plugs are not available for your car, NGK Iridium will be much better than platinum spark plugs

Q. Will I get more power using Iridium spark plugs?
A. On a standard engine, and comparing new platinum spark plugs with new iridium spark plugs, the engine will not make more power.

Q. So why should I install iridium spark plugs?
A. 2 main reasons. 1. Iridium spark plugs last much longer than platinum spark plugs. You do not need to buy and change spark plugs so often. 2. Because the electrode is smaller, and because iridium does not erode like platinum, the ignition system does not need so much power, this increases the life of your ignition components. Comparing spark plugs which have been used for 6 months, you may notice the engine starts easier. You may notice the engine is more responsive, especially at high RPM.

Q. If iridium spark plugs are so fantastic, why does the car manufacturer not use them?
A. Its the same old story. The price. Saving 30 Euro on a set of Platinum spark plugs may not seem like a lot, but a car has thousands of components, if you had up a saving on every part it adds up to a lot. Plus, platinum spark plugs are most definitely a service item which the dealer will charge you for. In short it is a win-win for the car manufacturer to use platinum spark plugs. Like many parts on a car, upgrading gives you better performance and the parts will last longer.

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Warranty - Επιστροφές

Επιστροφές - Αν σας στείλουμε λάθος προϊόν, θα το παραλάβουμε από εσάς και θα σας στείλουμε το σωστό προϊόν χωρίς να επιβαρυνθείτε έξοδα μεταφοράς.

This product is new and supplied with the full manufacturers warranty. In the unlikely event this product develops a problem within 1 or 2 years (depending on product & manufacturer), Street & Circuit will work on your behalf, to find a solution ie replacement or repair. After this period you should contact the manufacturer directly. If the manufacturer believes the product has been used incorrectly, the warranty may be void. If you have questions about the warranty, email us here


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